Legally Separated

If you have made the decision that you wish to separate from your partner, you will / should get legal advice regarding being seen in the eyes of the court as legally separated.  This doesn’t have to be traumatic, it can be as civil as you want it to be, in both parties interests the lawyer should suggest as amicable an agreement as possible.

Children Involved

If there are children involved it can become bit messy, there are legal responsibilities if the child / children are under 16 years of age.  In an ideal world, you would have an agreement that can be maintained with your partner, this would include things like;

  • Main Custody
  • Child Support Allowance
  • Visitation
  • Sleepovers
  • Ad-hoc costs
  • Schooling and Further Education

Legally Separated – Advice and Support

One of the main things is to be legally separated financially, imagine if you separated then your partner ran up high value debt and you were responsible.  That would not be a good situation. 

We recommend this law firm to help advise.  They are fair and reasonable, you will get advice on how best to communicate and legal advice can sometimes be 24hr if needed.

Being legally separated is one of the critical steps before divorce.  A document would be compiled and sent to your partner’s lawyer.  You both cannot have the same lawyer.  If a child is involved it may take longer as there needs to be a neutral person who can vouch for the living conditions of the child.

Legally Separated – Protect Your Assets

You will be advised to protect your assets, this may include a pension, life insurance, mortgages, savings etc.  It will also include any joint debt that you have.  If you have a mortgage, the decision would need to be made regarding the property, in some cases when people are legally separated the house / homes are put up for sale and after all costs and fees, the profit is split.  Everything needs to be discussed with your chosen lawyer so you get the best advice. We would recommend an experienced family law firm like 

Please note we do not do any wills and probate law.