Prenuptial Agreement

Living Together?

If you are in a serious relationship you are probably thinking about living together or even getting married.  If you are, get a Prenuptial Agreement signed ASAP.

We used to see these things on soap dramas (especially American ones) but its more common now as not as many adults are taking the plunge and getting married.  To get a prenuptial agreement means your lawyer details what assets you bring into the relationship.  This could include savings, tangible assets and/or any information about children or pets.

  • You may be thinking about getting a joint mortgage, or in some cases 1 person already has the mortgage but the other partner contributes up to 50% of the bills.  If something were to happen, you would need legal protection so you could not be asked to leave the home with nothing.  This is a perfect example of when the prenuptial agreement comes in.

A prenuptial agreement doesn’t have to be a negative thing, it shows that you are committed to your partner and your life together.  It is about making strong foundations for your future.  By doing this it cements your future together and means if something were to happen, there is a legal document held with your lawyer for reference regarding your wishes.

Legal Advice

The prenuptial agreement will need to be signed off by a Judge, it won’t be presented until both parties have agreed and signed the documentation.  If there are any changes in circumstances, it is really important that you update the filed copy.  It can give peace of mind knowing that you have dealt with these issues and know what you can expect from the other person.

Make Contact

We recommend this firm, they are really helpful and we do know from other recommendations that they try to make things as easy and straightforward as possible.